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I am retired but have been doing some part time website design, coding, and maintenance for several individuals, groups, and companies. Please check out the "Web Sites" tab above to see the ones I have done lately.

I do my own picture framing and I have developed a handy web based calculator to help me with the framing calculations in figuring out the matte and frame dimensions for each picture. I use a Logan matte cutter, a miter saw, and other miscellaneous tools. The program helps me avoid making silly mistakes that waste time and materials. Select the "Frame Calculator" tab to try it yourself.

Our house in the fall

Here is our house in the fall. We had a little bit of rain. The trees were turning colors, not that we get much color around here. The yearly garden is about done. Nothing left but some green tomatoes that we hope will ripen before we get a frost.

In the picture gallery Pictures tab above there are pictures from our trips to Bodie, Ca., Arizona/Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Lassen Volcanic National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Sutter Creek and Black Chasm cave. There are also pictures from our trips to Plymouth, MA and time we spent in the eastern Sierras along Highway 395. The most recent pictures are from our trip to visit my sister near Atlanta and a week we spent in the British Virgin Islands aboard the sailing yacht Soterion in June of 2012. I just finish a photography class at Columbia Community Colege and have added the pictures from my final portfolio. Recently I have added pictures from our trip to Alaska on a cruise on the M/V Sikumi. Also we just took a one day visit to Yosemite and some pictures from that trip are also there.

House in the snow

This is what the house looked like during the late winter. We had about four feet of snow at one point.